The Zequins is a family of 12
adorable dazzling little
creatures who love to play and bling out!

They all come with colorful
accesories, and sparkling
gemstones so you can customize
your Zequins your way!

Lumini is a sweet and playful unicorn, but also the most flirty of all the Zequins. She is a little shy sometimes, and prefers to have her best friend at her side all the time.

Dazz is a very cute but menacing baby chicken. He is the smallest of the Zequins, and the most spoiled too.

Krystal is a spazzy little pup that is always full of energy and joy. In her free time, she loves to hang out with her friends and play non-stop.

Spark is a loving little cuddly bear, who likes to give big warm hugs. He is very calm and laid back, and sometimes a little lazy.

Safira is a sweet and spontaneous little cat who is everybody’s friend. She likes to make cookies and cakes and invite her friends over to play.

Emmy is a charming little parrot, the most creative and artistic of all the Zequins. She has a special talent for drawing and painting, and is usually surrounded by pencils and crayons.

The Zequins are an adorable family made up of pups, birds, bunnies, unicorns, bears, owls and monkeys. Each character is totally unique…with its own personality, facial expression, and vibrant color to brighten your day. Their reversible sparkling sequin faces are a magically fun feature that make the Zequins a timeless toy.

Swipe the Zequin’s face up or
down and watch its
expression change and make
funny faces.
Add a final touch by accessorizing them with gemstones, bows and much more!